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Digital illustration & webdesign

assignment by MisterB , Amsterdam  --- 2002


BSTYLE - publications


(not only) Blue, Australia 2003
(not only) Blue, Australia 2003

When MisterB, Amsterdam's leading purveyor of leather and rubber erotic accoutrements, approached Roland Maas to create illustrations for their website, the Dutch artist was somewhat surprised. "The contents of my work weren't particularly homoerotic", says Maas, who has explored various disciplines over the years - from cartooning to photography - non of them involving ball gags. Still he was "fascinated" by the possibilities.

"I explored graphic techniques which intensify the ultimate result. Exaggeration and the geometric structure led to a portfolio of defiant kinky images, which at the same makes the graphic quality stand out."

More than happy with the result, MisterB comissioned Maas to overhaul their website. Gives new meaning to the term "webmaster".


(not only) Blue, issue 45 july, Australia, 2003 

text: Brad Johnston

STRIPPED the illustrated male / 2006

In 2006 publisher Bruno Gmünder (Germany) released 'Stripped, the illustrated male' featuring 6 pages of Bstyle.


'This stately collection gathers the highlights of gay comic art, painting and drawing. Whether comic strip or pin-up, with text or completely without words, in colour or in black-and-white - this book presents an exciting cross-section of this young and dynamic branch of gay art.'


(hardcover, 352 pages ,  ISBN-10: 3861878712 ISBN-13: 978-3861878711 )



In 2002 Maas was approached by MisterB, Amsterdam's leading trader in kinky items to pimp up their existing website with new erotic artworks. The assignment led to an impressive controversial portfolio of kinky images that was highly appreciated by kinky insiders ànd artlovers.

MisterB asked Maas to design a new site wherein the graphical style of the artworks was implemented. An entirely new flash-based site was developed and has been online for 5 years untill 2007.


After the assignment Maas didn't feel the need to add new kinky artworks to the portfolio and finally the portfolio was completed with a portrait of Linda Evangelista who became a big inspiration for Babelle, another project that arose at the same time and took more of his attention.

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