Roland Maas was born in 1966 and works/lives in the Netherlands.  In 1990 he graduated from the Art Academy 'St. Joost' in BredaSince graduation he exhibitssells and publishes his visual work whenever en whereever he can while remaining focused on creating in the first place.

Overview of events from 2019 back to 2009.


---  COMING UP  ---


MAR 10th - APR 21st  - Solo exhibition - paintings and installations - Hoorn & Reniers , Toussaintkade 70 - Den Haag


DEC - THE FINDING , schilderijen van Roland Maas  solo  Oude Liefde - Trambaan 17 - Heerenveen 

MAY - Open call selection  - groupshow  Delphian Gallery - London 


OCT - 'Van bij baan naar bijbaan: het leven van een kunstenaar' door Dick Wittenberg - publication   de Correspondent 

FEB  - Drie-Dee-Abstract - groupshow -  Stichting Oude Liefde  - Heerenveen 


SEP   Kunstroute Leiden - groupshow -  Stadsgehoorzaal/ Leiden / the Netherlands

MAY  Neue Galerie Landshut - Germany  - duo-show ( curated by IDFX / Breda )

FEB  WORMEN - Photography Dummy / portfolio book - edition of 20


SEP   Kunstroute Leiden -  groupshow - Het Rode Huis / Leiden / the Netherlands 

AUG  number 2 in  the monthly photocontest Top 10 of  NRC (Dutch newspaper) themed  'holiday in the Netherlands'

JUN  Incubarte 7 / How we quit the forest - groupshow -  Sala La Metro / Valencia / Spain

APR   Primary Colours / BLUE - groupshow -  IDFX / Breda / the Netherlands 

JAN   number 7 in  the monthly photocontest Top 10 of  NRC (Dutch newspaper) themed  'human being' 


SEP   Kunstroute Leiden -  groupshow - RAP /de Meelfabriek / Leiden / the Netherlands 

JUL   'Blik op de toekomst' -  groupshow - Petit port / PP44 / Leiden / the Netherlands 

FEB   'Desire Mechanism' -  groupshow - de Witte Slagerij / Rotterdam / the Netherlands 



NOV  'Match', groupshow,  bART / 's Hertogenbosch / NL

SEP   Kunstroute Leiden, groupshow, RAP / Leiden / NL

SEP   'Match', groupshow, Electron / Breda / NL

JUN   'Match', groupshow, TAC, Eindhoven / NL

APR   Start project 'Match' - Match is a multidisciplinary art project wherein artists are challenged to open a dialogue with each other. During this project I've been working with Mo Swillens, photographer. The collaboration was documented on film and was followed up by 3 exhibitions.
APR 'Verstand van smaak', groupshow, Factor 44 / Antwerpen / BE



SEP   Digital Visions for Fashion + Textiles - made in code / by Sarah E. Braddock Clarke en Jane Harris publication featuring Babelle / UK 
SEP   Open Source Incubate, groupshow, Tilburg / NL 
JUN   New studio in Purmerend / NL
JUN   'Kunstenaar in atelier no12' finished, photoproject 'Kunstenaar in atelier' 
MAI   BIRDSONG, soloshow, de Burght / Tilburg / NL
MAR discontinued

FEB   'Fok de kunstsubsidies', publication in Nieuwe Revu, magazine / NL
JAN   Verstand van smaak, groupshow, HxBxL / Enschede / NL


DEC   'CityLikeYou', publicatie voor File magazine UK, online mag / UK
SEP    Open Source Incubate, groupshow, Tilburg / NL
JUL    'Subsidiestop, goed voor je kunst en goed voor je ego', publication in Brabants Dagblad en NRCnext, newspapers / NL
FEB    'Become a fashiondesigner', publication about Babellissimo in Girlz, girly magazine / NL
JAN    First ceramic works arise


DEC   Babellissimo online, talenscouting for young fashiondesigners featuring Babelle
OCT   Start 'Kunstenaar in atelier no12', photoproject 'Kunstenaar in atelier' 
SEP   Second stationery line of Babelle by Jandaia / BR 
AUG   'Kunstenaar in atelier no11' finished, photoproject 'Kunstenaar in atelier' 

FEB   Start 'Sidone', photoproject  icw John Tobben


SEP   First stationery-line of Babelle notebooks, by Jandaia / BR
AUG  'Gallopstreet', soloshow Kunstpodium T, Tilburg / NL
MAI   New studio in Tilburg / NL