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Early 2016 I found a collection of photo albums in the garbage. They used to belong to an unknown lady who apparently lived in the apartment building next to my studio. While leafing through her albums, these memories from a stranger recalled my own memories. I decided to use these found pictures as a starting point for my new paintings.


While painting, I gradually release the photographic image and give more space to my own interpretation. Memories, frustrations, fascinations and actualities enter the painting to evoke estrangement from the original scene. I want to force coincidence by adding new layers and painting techniques . I interact with unexpected picturesque changes and emphasize or reduce what shapes, lines and colors evoke. In this creative process I recognize a cat and mouse game in which the brain and intuition are intermittent. The ultimate image is the result of an exciting creative process and tries to attract the viewer , and especially myself, to the world of imagination


In 1990 I graduated from the art academy. During the academy years it was dogma that everything happened for a reason and that coinscidences don't exist. I felt like I was constantly analysing and controlling the creative process. I tried to work with different media and in different disciplines to find spontaneity in what I was doing without immediately asking 'why'. Finally I concluded that this approach of creativity didn't work for me. It took more than 20 years to leave the academy indoctrination behind me.


In 2011 I started creating ceramics sculptures, which where combinations of ceramics and trash and I gradually managed to let intuition became an essential factor while creating. The creative process became more and more an interaction between ratio and feeling, The inexplicable became my fascination, a powerful factor of great expression  which challenges imagination.

Slowly I became aware -and accepted- that the concept became nothing more than a good starting point that could be waived for the benefit of the visual art.


In 2016, 26 years after graduation, I reinvented painting.




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