a selection of photographes from 1985 to 2015

photobook  / 210 pages / selfpublished / edition 20


In 2015 I started to focus more on photography than I did the years before and the idea of presenting the photographs came to my mind. Preferably as a photobook, which is to my opinion the optimal intimate way to enjoy photography.


Initially I wanted to limit myself to my recent works, but during the selection of the photographs I discovered links to previous older works, which eventually resulted in a presentation of 30 years of photography. The photographs from different years and portfolios were combined like spreads on the book pages through which image rhymes emerge. By putting the images together in pairs deeper meanings became clearer or arose accidently.

The book forms an image rhyme in itself. Allthough as an artist I like to believe that I am in control of how the final book will look like, in fact I can only guess how the final result will work out to its viewers. That inexplicable piece of the process motivates me to continue and makes the creative process an incredible adventure that I would like to understand and for which I have only one satisfactory explanation: wormen.