HAVE A NEW LIFE for the artist  :  kunstenaar in atelier

ABOUT  'kunstenaar in atelier' / 'artist in studio

Since 1993 Maas has photographed himself at the various addresses where he has been in labor ever since artschool graduation. The portfolio can be considered as an artist resume and balances against the famous stories of succesful artists displayed in the media. The motive prior to this project has been a recurring inspiration for his artistic work ever since.

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Kunstenaar in atelier /  portfolio

laminated photoprints on Dibond, 18 cm x 21 cm --- 1993 / 2019

Kunstenaar in atelier 2009 / installation 


installation at KunstpodiumT, Tilburg (the Netherlands) including:



laminated photoprint on acrylate / frame stainless steel

248 cm x 186 cm x 20 cm --- 1997

photograpy in trophee cabinet

127 cm x 82 cm x 25 cm --- 2009


- Additional works: 'about Maas' (book) and 'kindred spirit' (sculpture)